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Since 2003, EDU-Consultancy has been working on to counsel & enroll Nepalese students at different universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other parts of the world. We will guide you throughout the entire process. EDU-Consultancy is committed to providing the very best in student education & financial services. We will:

● Provide guidance in applying to colleges/universities for scholarship & grants.

● Help you understand eligibility requirements & process for admission as well as visa.

We've been counseling students for Educational Opportunities and have been helping them pursue their dream of studying abroad. We always put effort into providing excellent education and training from reputed institutions in different countries in the world. We provide options to the students, after understanding their choice, their field of study, financial condition, so we canprovide them with eligible scholarship programs.

  • 19 Years of Excellency

  • 15+ Countries

  • 100+ Universities & Colleges

  • 4000+ Visa Granted

  • 5+ English Class Training


Our Team Members

Devi Das Bhattarai

Managing Director

Founder of EDU-Consultancy, & First Vice President of ECAN

Bal Krishna Bhattarai


20+ years of experience with counseling and guiding students

Prativa Rajthala

Senior Student Advisor

Aditi Chalise

Student’s Relationship Supervisor

Sunil Pandey

IELTS Instructor

English test instructor with more than 10 years of proficiency

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